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New York Real Estate Value Trends

New York Real Estate Value Trends

   WELCOME... to the most comprehensive source for real estate value trends in New York City; the only site that measures trends based on actual total property sales in each borough. On our site you can search for average or median sale price, highest or lowest sale price, or overall sales volume in any zip code, just by using the Data Search tool. Once in the Data Search section, you can check how prices have changed over the years, by using the Compare tool.

   The Data Search feature is organized by year, borough, property type, and zip code. Totals for each borough can be viewed after the last zip code in each year. To whet your appetite please go to Sample Data to see a summary of average sale prices in each borough for the last five years.

   This is a unique tool for industry professionals, including lenders, brokers, attorneys, and appraisers, as well as for homeowners or buyers interested in determining how much their properties might have appreciated in the recent upward spiral of real estate values throughout New York.

   Our service is more comprehensive than other data sources such as MLS, since our statistics are based on the analysis of sales of all real property. MLS is by definition incomplete: for example, in Brooklyn, MLS is only available in a limited number of neighborhoods; in Manhattan and the Bronx it's applicability is even more restricted. Furthermore, although MLS is widely available in Queens and Staten Island, it still does not include all property sales. It is a difficult task to assemble and analyze so much sales data in a city as large as New York. We believe that our methods produce consistently accurate, reliable conclusions about how value trends for residential properties in New York City have evolved since 1995.

   All information was compiled and analyzed by Neglia Appraisals, Inc., a full service residential and commercial valuation company, based in Brooklyn, New York. This service is provided free of charge to the real estate community and to anyone interested in the specific dynamics of the residential real estate market in New York City.

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