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   The idea for an appraisal company specializing in residential and commercial real estate in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island arose from the obvious need for this service. Accurate appraisals require an honest, objective approach, extensive research, and a thorough knowledge of market areas. Accountability and reliability are very important, as they instill confidence and trust in an appraiser.
   As a native of Brooklyn and a current resident of Staten Island, I am quite familiar with neighborhood boundaries, architectural styles, supply and demand, and market areas throughout these boroughs; this knowledge is applied to all appraisals.
   Maintaining and updating sales data is a critical aspect of any appraisal service, and we constantly renew all of our databases for the latest available information in all of our service areas. We have also created our own state-of-the art customized database, unique in the industry.
   As a former banker, I am keenly aware of the need for reliability, accuracy, and consistency in appraisals, and constantly strive to maintain high standards and keep lines of communication open. In addition, personal service is an integral part of our business.
   The result of this knowledge and experience is an appraisal company which always gives good service, accurate reports, and honest value estimates based on up-to-date market conditions. The application of these ideals creates a high quality product and ensures customer satisfaction.
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