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Where is our sales data from?
All sales information is from public record, and prices are based on New York State transfer taxes.
Why not rely on MLS statistics?
Other published statistical analyses are typically based on multiple listing sales, which are never complete since they exclude transactions not through the MLS system. In New York City there are many areas without any MLS at all, thus these other methods are by nature incomplete, and can be misleading.
How often is our information updated?
This site is designed to be dynamic and interactive, and the information offered is updated quarterly, or as real estate transfer information is made available. Since late 1999, there have been delays by New York City in recording property transfers. We collect and analyze the information as soon as it is available.
Are value trends for other property types available?
We are constantly striving to offer more useful information, and look forward to suggestions for improvement. Please contact us for sale totals and value trends for other property types and other greographic areas.
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